What Are the Best Weight Sets?

Have you made the decision to get in shape?  Are you ready to get started?  Great!  Let’s take some time and talk about one of the best ways I know to strengthen and tone and reshape any area of your body and the muscle groups associated with those areas.  Specifically, I refer to weight sets as a strength training tool.

The Gym Option


Many people who are just getting started in this venue will make their first stop the local gym.  This facility has spent many thousands of dollars on probably the finest weight sets and other exercise equipment on the planet in an effort to attract and keep regular patrons who desire to improve the way they look and feel as well as for those who desire to improve their health.  Feel free to check them out…and while you’re there, take note of what they have and how much space it takes to utilize it.  Also, make note of the hours of operation and compare it to your available hours to see if they mesh.  This will be a very important point when planning your fitness plan of action.

The Home “Gym”


Still many more people are opting to purchase their own equipment so they can do their workouts in the privacy of their own homes or offices and at their convenience.  You know, sometimes, it is just not convenience to make the trip to the local gym to get your workout done, especially in this age of sky rocketing gasoline prices.  The home “gym” could be a much better plan and is certain to be one which would allow you significantly more flexibility in your workout schedule, especially when you’re performing the balancing act between home responsibilities, work routine and workout schedules.

What are the best weight sets?


This is probably the $64,000 question for most of us.  Basically the best weight equipment for you will depend upon what your fitness goals are.  For example, if you are already in pretty good shape, but you want to “muscle up” your appearance, you will likely need a weight system that will allow higher weight ranges.  However, if you need to lose weight, for better appearance and for health reasons, then your plan needs to start at a lower level and be able to “grow” as your level of fitness improves.

Adjustable weight sets are an alternative.


Adjustable weight sets are a great option for all levels of fitness – from beginner levels to advanced levels.   Having the flexibility of a wide range of weights from which to choose can require several dozen dumbbells which can consume a great deal of storage and utilization space.  Because the wide range of weights is truly needed for a well rounded workout plan and because the space required for traditional dumbbell sets can be significant, consideration of adjustable weight sets / dumbbells can give you the best of both worlds.  Many of these systems are designed to be compact and clean enough to store in an open corner in your den or family room without looking out of place.

So, what are the best weight sets?  In my mind, an adjustable system, with compact design and clean lines seems the winning choice.

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