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What Are the Best Weight Sets?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Have you made the decision to get in shape?  Are you ready to get started?  Great!  Let’s take some time and talk about one of the best ways I know to strengthen and tone and reshape any area of your body and the muscle groups associated with those areas.  Specifically, I refer to weight sets as a strength training tool.

The Gym Option


Many people who are just getting started in this venue will make their first stop the local gym.  This facility has spent many thousands of dollars on probably the finest weight sets and other exercise equipment on the planet in an effort to attract and keep regular patrons who desire to improve the way they look and feel as well as for those who desire to improve their health.  Feel free to check them out…and while you’re there, take note of what they have and how much space it takes to utilize it.  Also, make note of the hours of operation and compare it to your available hours to see if they mesh.  This will be a very important point when planning your fitness plan of action.

The Home “Gym”


Still many more people are opting to purchase their own equipment so they can do their workouts in the privacy of their own homes or offices and at their convenience.  You know, sometimes, it is just not convenience to make the trip to the local gym to get your workout done, especially in this age of sky rocketing gasoline prices.  The home “gym” could be a much better plan and is certain to be one which would allow you significantly more flexibility in your workout schedule, especially when you’re performing the balancing act between home responsibilities, work routine and workout schedules.

What are the best weight sets?


This is probably the $64,000 question for most of us.  Basically the best weight equipment for you will depend upon what your fitness goals are.  For example, if you are already in pretty good shape, but you want to “muscle up” your appearance, you will likely need a weight system that will allow higher weight ranges.  However, if you need to lose weight, for better appearance and for health reasons, then your plan needs to start at a lower level and be able to “grow” as your level of fitness improves.

Adjustable weight sets are an alternative.


Adjustable weight sets are a great option for all levels of fitness – from beginner levels to advanced levels.   Having the flexibility of a wide range of weights from which to choose can require several dozen dumbbells which can consume a great deal of storage and utilization space.  Because the wide range of weights is truly needed for a well rounded workout plan and because the space required for traditional dumbbell sets can be significant, consideration of adjustable weight sets / dumbbells can give you the best of both worlds.  Many of these systems are designed to be compact and clean enough to store in an open corner in your den or family room without looking out of place.

So, what are the best weight sets?  In my mind, an adjustable system, with compact design and clean lines seems the winning choice.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells: A Great Tool to Look Great and Feel Better

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

When was the last time you took a look at yourself in a full length mirror?  Oh … it’s been that long, huh?  I’ll bet it wasn’t a pretty sight either.  The painful fact is that our society, as a whole, has become fatter and unhealthier, including, if not especially, our children.

Our busy lifestyles, the convenience of fast food, more high tech toys that lead to less physical activity and poor eating habits are among the many things that have resulted in increased obesity, diabetes and pre diabetes, heart disease, hypertension….and the list goes on and on.  So, how do you control it, how do you reverse it?

Lifestyle Changes


To get back in shape, lose weight and protect ourselves against those major health issues mentioned above, some major lifestyle changes must be incorporated.  One of those lifestyle changes should be exercise.  Building and toning muscle groups all over the body can help to fire up your metabolism to help you burn more calories and allow your body to make less fat.  Adjusting your caloric intake and utilizing an eating plan that includes lots of fresh veggies and fruits, lean protein and lower simple carbohydrates is another change that will benefit your improved health.

Strength Training


Exercises using weights will increase and tone muscle mass and muscle, as we all have been told, burns more calories even while you sleep than any other tissue type in your body.  A Bowflex adjustable dumbbell system can be a great tool to help you build and tone your muscles so you can slim down and look great.  Strength training does exactly what its name suggests…it makes you stronger.  Hence, many of your daily activities can be performed more easily and safely.  Increased strength can also mean increased energy to do the things you really enjoy.  What an excellent by-product that can be!

A Great Tool – Compact and Versatile


An adjustable dumbbell system, such as those made by Bowflex, can provide the equivalent to several dozen dumbbells in just two adjustable dumbbells.  Theses systems allow you to use weights ranging from 5 to 52 pounds, in 2.5 or 5 pound increments.  The dumbbells are ergonomically designed to be easy and comfortable to hold while you work specific areas and muscle groups.  They store on their own rack, which is compact enough to fit just about anywhere in your home or office.

Don’t you think now is a great time to make some lifestyle choices that will change your life?  A Bowflex adjustable dumbbell system can help.

Amazon users rate this Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells 4.5 stars. Read more Amazon Reviews Here!

Here is what some Amazon users have to say:

I used the 1090 dumbells with my P90X workout and I have to say they made life a heck of a lot easier. It couldn’t be easier to select the appropriate weight with these things, and with limited time between excersizes, these were golden. The construction is sturdy; not once did I feel any uneasiness in using them. Even moves where the dumbells were lifted quickly and brought back down didn’t cause any issues with the locking mechanism of the dumbells. The only slight issue is the overall length of the dumbells. The width is manageable but the length can cause a few issues in maybe 5% of the excersizes performed. An example of this is doing concentration curls with both arms simultaneously. I ended up having to alternate to get around the length of the dumbell. All in all it is quite easy to work around this small issue and it doesn’t impact the 5 star rating for me especially considering that having used the block alternative as well, the bowflex ones caused a lot less issues during excersize movements.
I used these without the stand, if you do as well make sure you lift with your legs and not your back. If you have a bad back, or just want to be safe, you may want to go with the stand. (Though theres nothing wrong with a little extra leg work with the proper form 😉 ) In summary, if your doing P90X, or any other home workout routine that requires you to switch weights quickly, this is the dumbell for you. Also if your going for P90X know that the 1090 version covered the weight I needed for every single excersize (I’m 5’11’ and 195 lean muscle). I may have been able to go heavier on a few excersizes but the sheer intensity of this workout would have limited my reps significantly. Hope this helps!”

“Simply put, these weights are convenient, functional, affordable, and compact. I live in an apartment and didn’t want a stack of heavy weights interrupting my living space. At the same time, I needed something that afforded me the option of transitioning from a light to a heavy weight with ease in between sets. Enter the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells. What I truly love about these is that with just a turn of the dial, I can add on more poundage without unscrewing a clamp and heaving more weights onto the dumbbell. The dial also makes an audible clicking sound so you know when the proper plate has been added to the dumbbell, ensuring you are working out with the selected weight.

I use the dumbbells mainly for cross training cardio tapes, so it’s important that I’m able to move on to the next exercise without excessive downtime trying to change weights. The adjustable dial and easy slide in stack system ensures I will be back to my workout in no time! The grips are very comfortable and do not require gloves like most sets I have used in the past. To note, the dumbbells are larger than average but are not as massive as they appear. I use them both at the same time for various different exercises and have not once smashed them together. So if you plan on using them both simultaneously for a workout do not worry about them hitting one another as I have had mine for awhile and have not had that issue at all.”