Superyard XT- Keep Your Kids Safe with Superyard XT Child Safety Gates

Superyard XT  Child Safety Gates

The North States Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard is really an exceptional item. Reviews range from positive to praise and dote on a wide variety of its many advantages. One of the earlier reviews even mentioned style of all things. But then again, doesn’t it just make a house into a home?

The Superyard  XT is designed for children under two years of age, though that’s just a guideline at best. At two years of age most children are just starting to walk and talk so you can trust that they’re not the monkeys they’ll be at three or four, climbing over even the most intricate of defenses. And yet, for those explorers to be it’s still tall enough to prevent their escape and of high enough quality to make sure they stay safe even if they try.

Of course, it comes with all the standards. It’s got a child-proof gate, no children learning from cartoons like “Rugrats” will be opening those gates with the toy screwdriver they sneak into the crib with them. The panels are mesh so no child will feel deserted once inside and they’re smooth enough that they won’t hurt their fingers if they grip it.

These features however are just the surface of the Superyard XT. There have been many wonderful features involved in the creation of this playpen that really show off how great of a piece it is. Foremost is its ability to adjust and contort to your needs specifically. It comes naturally as a hexagonal playpen and requires absolutely no tools to set up but that’s not the entirety of the situation.

There is a large debate between child gates and playpens and the Superyard likes to walk the line. It is a wonderful playpen that is adjustable to your needs, your size, your space, whatever, but at the same time it can be used quite simple and efficiently as a child gate. No more will you be forced to worry about locking your children away in some room when you can use a playpen, and equally you no longer have to fret about the concept of holding your children in a confined space if you use it as a gate and let them roam free in the room. The most appreciated feature of the Superyard Classic XT is simply its ability to meet the preferences of the user.

Superyard XT

Superyard XT

It can be shaped, for example, as a square to match a play mat or infant rug and act both as play place and makeshift nap aid. Kids tired but don’t want to stop playing? The Superyard is perfect for just an occasion. And here, I’m just barely scratching the surface of the many uses the Superyard can provide for you.

We’ve touched base on the standards of play pens, the ability to adjust to your needs and how it matches your standards whatever they be. We’ve talked about how children can enjoy them and still there’s so much to say.

The Superyard  XT isn’t just a playpen for your children when they’re in the rec room watching TV. There are dozens of other uses. If your children have grown up and started their own family what is more inviting than baby-proofing your own house for them? What of babysitters or even just friends of the family? Nothing is more reassuring than bringing your children out to a foreign environment only to see that they are in fact taken care of and safe.

The Superyard isn’t just for indoors either. It works great for the suburban dream. Just picture it, nice summer day, a few clouds, your friends, oh and you can’t forget the barbeque. But how often are times like that really possible? Sure you can have friends over, if you warn them about rambunctious children first. And sure you can barbeque, but you’ve got to leave it unattended most of the time while you deal with your children. So much for a nice summer barbeque…

That is, unless you’ve got something like the Superyard XT. Set it up in the back yard, call the friends and the kids themselves should be perfectly happy to be outside and part of all the action. The Superyard isn’t just for the kids, it’s also for the parents’ stress levels.

Speaking of not being just for kids, it seems the designers actually understood that not everyone who buys a playpen buys it for children. They’re also a wonderfully great resource for pet lovers. Do you have a naughty puppy in need of some training or time out? Look no further, the Superyard is the perfect place to put them. Not only does it give enough space for both big and little animals to be comfortable it’s also multifunctional for them as well.

Like I said, a naughty puppy can go into time out if they’ve just chewed up your favorite slippers or eaten your breakfast sausage when you weren’t looking. But that’s not all it can do. Any pet lover out there can probably see that it sounds like the Superyard can be used quite efficiently to discipline your pet but that’s not what I’m getting at. It’s versatile.

Got an old blanket? Lay that down, maybe a dish of water and a chew toy and your pup will call it home. It’s not necessarily a bad thing—it could be their own piece of doggy heaven, their own peace and quiet—especially if no one warned them about those rambunctious kids!

So whether you’re a pet lover, a parent, a grandparent, a babysitter, a friend, a cousin, an acquaintance, or anything for that matter, the Superyard XT might just be for you. I for one certainly found it to fit all of these categories and while this may sound more like an article than a review, I personally vouch for it.

At least, with something like this meeting your needs, you can rest assured that no gang of babies are going to escape with their trusty screwdriver and go off on their own adventures like Tommy and his gang from Nickelodeon’s “Rugrats”

Where Can I Buy the Superyard XT Child Safety Gates?

You can buy this Child Safety Gates on Amazon and they currently have the best deal. Click here to view on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the North States Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Here is some of them:

Just what we were looking for!

After doing a lot of researched we settled on purchasing 2 of these playyards for our 10 month old twins. It has been a lifesaver! They love it and so do we! We purchased 2 and put them together. We are going to purchase a few more to have for the outside. A definite must have. We were almost going to purchase another playyard that was twice as much money. This one is the best and I love the fact that they can see thru the gates so they don’t feel shut off and we can watch them play. A great price and a great product. If you are in the hunt for a sturdy, dependable playyard, this is the one that works for us! We have it set up in the corner of our family room and they have tons of toys in there and still plenty of room to crawl and play. We can even get in there with them and play too. Great product at an expectional value. Very pleased! Read More Reviews

Perfect for babies

I absolutely love this product. Im a mother of 2, my oldest is 2 1/2 and my youngest is 11 months old. I bought this product 2 months ago because my youngest child has a lot of medical problems so I wanted something to keep her in her own space. This product is perfect because It’s just enough space for her and her seats plus it helps when her therapist comes to the house. The therapists have plenty of space to work with her and my 2 year old can’t get in to inturrupt therapy. The only thing I dont like is the access in and out. To open it you have to pull up stongly and disconnect the gate. This is hard so the only other option is to climb over which is a negative when my child is having a medical problem that needs attention. Overall this gate comes handy I use it everyday especially when Im not in the room and her older sibling cant gain access to her. Read More Reviews

A lifesaver for a mom of twins, with some do-it-yourself fixes

With two babies learning to crawl and going every which way, I needed a solution, pronto! The Superyard XT was a lifesaver. Although it’s not perfect, we found solutions to make it work for our twins.

* Huge area for two babies plus an adult – We have the regular 6-sided superyard with one extension (2 panels), to make it eight sides. The dimensions are 80″ x 80″ if you use it as an octagon.
* Toy stations can be set up on each corner and toys attached to the sides, including any that would work on a crib. Rotate them frequently to keep your child interested
* A Tiny Love Classic Mobile works great with the Superyard as it’s huge, safe to use until they are standing.
* It’s big enough to give freedom to your child but small enough to fit in your home.
* 35″ wide x 26″ inch high panels are easy for an adult to step over. I wouldn’t recommend it for a pregnant mom however.
* Easy to clean – can be use indoors or outdoors
* Adaptable panels are great for childproofing – we’ve used panels to keep kids away from windows and from large TVs, wedging ends between heavy furniture and securing them firmly.
* Extremely durable – we’ve had this for three years, used it for many playgroups, and several families have borrowed and used it. It still looks new.

* It would be ideal if it had a child-proof gate – the sides are very hard to open and the playard becomes very unsteady once you do this.
* Your child will be able to slide it around if it’s not secured. We bought inexpensive interlockable foam pads from BJs, placed the superyard over them, marked along the inside and cut them to size. It won’t budge like this. For ease in reassembling later, mark the tiles from left to right and from top to bottom in order as it will be like a jigsaw if you take the tiles apart.
* To keep your child from pulling the foam tiles apart, place a large quilt over the foam mat, tuck the ends under and you’re set to go. Amazon sells many inexpensive microsuede machine washable ones – make sure is more than 80″ wide.
* Toddlers may be able to climb out if they’re barefoot or wearing socks. Putting shoes on them solves the problem.
* This is hardly portable, no matter what it says. Once set up, it’s there to stay. With eight sides, it’s on the heavy side.

Look under product images or my profile, I have lots of pictures posted of how you can adapt the Superyard, cut the foam tiles, make lots of play stations inside it and turn your living room into your very own preschool. Just kidding, sort of. Read More Reviews

3 Responses to “Superyard XT- Keep Your Kids Safe with Superyard XT Child Safety Gates”

  1. JoshDad says:

    I love this gate/fence system. I purchased another one that was plastic and it did not live up to my expectations despite the good reviews – so back it went. This is VERY sturdy. I have two that I connected to make a larger play area for my daughter, but I currently have them separated with her toy boxes and an ottoman as the “connection” between the gates. One set has 5 panels and the other has 7 panels (the 5 panels in a line is a little easy for her to move/knock over, I recommend having at least 6 if it is going to be in a line formation). Eventually she will be able to move it so I will then connect one end together and only have the opening where the toy boxes are (until she learns to climb over the toy boxes I guess!). Provided she isn’t too tired or fussy, she will play in there by herself for up to an hour or more allowing me to get some chores done and I never worry about her getting out – although I don’t think I am brave enough to go take a shower or something and leave her alone in there for 15-20 minutes without checking on her. She is 14 months old and can’t quite walk yet, but she pulls up on the rails/slats and walks along the fence.

    Here’s kind of a break down of the different things I was looking for in a gate/fence system:

    Simple Connection – Because we have such a large living room, I knew I’d need more than one gate to enclose the entire space. Connecting two or more together is so easy! The plastic one we got first you had to bend (top to bottom, like in half almost) in order to separate the panels to change the number of panels or add a panel/extension. It was already warped out of the box, like someone else had already had it and tried to bend it to adjust the panels, or maybe it is manufactured like that. This one is so simple with the connectors that loosen and tighten and just pull down on it to separate and the panels come apart so easily – but not so easily that a baby/toddler would be able to pull down the slat to remove it and separate the panels, it requires a little bit of muscle to pull the connector slat down and out. Being able to connect multiple gates was very important to me.

    Sturdiness – The system is very sturdy, which is also important. My sister often will sit on it (like sitting on the edge of the couch or something, but on the fence rail) and it hasn’t ever buckled under her weight (although it always makes me nervous when she sits on it) and she will balance on it with both feet off the floor. Granted, she doesn’t weight a LOT, but she’s still a full grown adult!

    Climbing prevention – Climbing is another issue I was concerned about-I don’t think my daughter will be able to climb this one because of the vertical slats. She puts her feet through the slats like she wants to climb, but since there aren’t any horizontal slats, I don’t think she’d be able to get a foothold to initiate lifting herself over.

    Play area – The only downside is the size of the play area of just one by itself. Maybe I am spoiling my child, but I want her to be able to have as much play area as possible, I mean, we have a huge living room, so we might as well use it all! We currently have two connected and I plan on getting another one so that I can make a little bit larger area and have a rocking chair in there so when my new baby arrives in a couple of weeks I can be in there with her when she isn’t feeling like playing alone.

    Weight – It is a little heavy, especially with two of them together, but if you want something sturdy, it is going to have a little weight to it. It is light enough that (when I’m not pregnant) I could lift it into the car and take it with me, but I’d have to separate the two and carry them separately if I wanted to bring both.

    Height – this one is 29 inches tall, which is taller than some of the other ones out there. I think that will also help to prevent the climbing.

    Gate – the gate is simple enough that I can open it with one hand (press down the button with the thumb and lift the gate at the same time to open), but complicated enough that I don’t think my daughter will be able to figure it out anytime soon. The gate opening itself isn’t very wide, 14 inches from the inside of the hinge to the inside of the latch (15 inches from the two inside slats), but it isn’t like it is in a doorway where I’d be in and out of it all the time carrying laundry or other stuff and need a wider opening. Once I am in there, I usually stay in for a while with my daughter. Also, the gate has an automatic close feature as long as it isn’t opened all the way it will swing closed and latch.

    Price – the other downside is the cost. It isn’t one of the cheapest gate/fences out there. Ranges from $100-$120 on amazon, but qualifies for free shipping and of course no tax, so that is nice. The other one I got (the plastic one) was around $60, so for me, all of the pros of this one definitely outweighed the con of the price.

    That is all I can think of at the moment! Hope it helps!

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