Leachco Original Snoogle Total Body Pillow for a Well-Deserved Good Night’s Sleep

Leachco Original Snoogle Pregnancy Body Pillow

Are you one of those pregnant women who are finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep? Are you struggling to find a comfortable position in bed that will allow you to rest well and awaken without aches and pains? Is your pregnant body shape interfering with getting enough rest? Are you having these problems and you’re not pregnant? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please take heart and be assured that you are not alone in your dilemma. I’m sure you have friends who are experiencing or who have experienced similar problems during their pregnancies. Leachco has a product that may be of interest to you. Come along with me while we look a bit more closely at the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

Pregnancy body pillow

Pregnancy body pillow

Product Features and Specifications:

• The patented full body pillow design supports the back and belly as well as tucking between your legs. This pillow can replace the 5 or more pillows you may currently be wrestling with as you try to sleep. The back and belly support will allow more comfort while you sleep and will help you awaken with little to no aches and pains in the lower back. The body pillow tucks comfortably between your knees to help control your body temperature and helps keep your spine in a more neutral position. By keeping your spine in a more neutral position while you sleep, you are avoiding stress on some of the pressure points that cause stiffness, aches and pains when you arise after sleeping.
• This pillow is uniquely contoured to help prevent the heartburn and lower back problems that are so common with pregnancies. The mom’s-to-be can position this pillow in so many different ways to prop up their heads and shoulders to aid in the elimination of heartburn or they can prop up the feet to help relieve pressure on the lower back when lying on the back.
• The uniquely contoured design provides a cozy and cuddly polyester pillow that gives you the support your body needs during your pregnancy and even provides amazing support when nursing your newborn after the birth.
• It comes with a removable, washable cover case so you can launder it just as you would any other pillow cover or case to keep your bed fresh and clean.

How many ways can you use this amazing total body pillow?

Well, let’s count some ways to utilize the unique design of this amazing total body pillow. Remember, this pillow is not only for pregnancies; it is also awesome for many other uses as we will discuss now.

1. You can use it back to back – that is your back up against the inner curve of the pillow with your head on the upper curved end and the lower end tucked between your knees. This position supports the whole back, aligning the hips, neck, spine and legs for more comfort.
2. Then there is the tummy tuck position. In this position, you sleep with your tummy facing the inner curve of the pillow with your head on the upper curve end and the lower curved end tucked between your knees. This position is perfect for pregnancy as well as for post surgical comfort. It is also ideal for nursing your new baby after the birth.
3. There is a position called “Nest Rest” which provides for upper or lower body elevation. The pillow is used in this position by spirally curling it up and placing it under either your knees to elevate the lower body or under your shoulders to elevate the upper body. Using the Snoogle total body pillow in this position relieves stiffness and swelling in your back and legs and reduces reflux issues that can commonly be associated with pregnancy and some health conditions.
4. How about the “swirl” position? This position requires that you simply wrap or coil it like a cinnamon roll and place it behind your back. Using it behind your back allows for more comfortable sitting positions while watching TV or reading. It can also be placed flat in this coiled position and used as a lounge pillow or as a baby prop.
5. The Deluxe Donut position requires that you sit on one curved end to provide additional cushion for your bottom and wrap the other end around your middle to support your upper body. This position makes sitting in your recliner a wonderfully relaxing experience.
6. The Swirl Around position has this total body pillow wrapping around your waist and curved around to provide cushion and support for your back while you are in a sitting position. This use allows you to read or feed your baby more comfortably in bed.
7. The 2-Soothe wrapping position consists of putting the middle of the pillow across your back and wrapping each of the end under your arms to curl in front at your chest level. This position provides support and splinting for the chest when coughing or deep breathing.
8. Have you ever wanted a mini lounger that you could take anywhere? Well, look no further because one of the ways this amazing Snoogle total body pillow can be used involves folding it in half and laying both upper and lower curved ends on top of each other. Then, you simply sit in the u-shaped curve that is created and you have just created a portable mini lounger that can go any where you want and that can be used in any chair, sofa, bed, car, etc. where you find it necessary to sit comfortably.

How many more ways to use this pregnancy body pillow can you conjure up? As you can readily see from some of the above positions and uses, this pillow is not just for the pregnant but rather, can be used by anyone over the age of one year old to sit, sleep or relax more comfortably. So, I ask you again…are you ready for a good night’s sleep? Check out the Leachco Original Snoogle Total Body Pillow and see for yourself how many ways you can use it!

Where Can I Buy the Leachco Original Snoogle Total Body Pillow?

You can buy this pregnancy body pillow on Amazon and they currently have the best deal. Click Here to view on Amazon.

Where Can I Read More Reviews for the Leachco Original Snoogle Total Body Pillow?

The best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Here is some of them:


I’ve never felt compelled to write a review before, but I had to let everyone know how much I LOVE this pillow. I purchased it when I was 4 months pregnant. I have been an avid tummy sleeper for 14 years (since the birth of my youngest child) and I was in a PANIC about having to sleep on my side. I tried it out the first night and wasn’t really impressed (thought I could still figure out a way to sleep on my belly on my own). I put it in my closet for about a week before giving it another go. Well, let me tell you that I slept on my side so comfortably and now I cannot sleep without this thing! I sleep on my side every night without any discomfort or having my bottom arm fall asleep (as usually happened whenever I had attempted it before purchasing the pillow). I take it with me when we are on vacation or out of town and now at 7 months, it even allows me to sleep in a “modified” on my stomach position. I use the pillow with the entire thing in FRONT of me, rather than behind me (as in the picture). It does take a few days getting used to having it in the bed as it is quite large, but once you get the “turning over” with it part down, it’s fantastic. I also love that it keeps your body in line without raising your head too high (so I haven’t had a problem with neck pain). My back feels great! Prior to purchasing it, I had read reviews with women complaining that the pillow case is “scratchy” and difficult to remove and put back on. COME ON LADIES! You are going to go thru labor & childbirth and you are complaining about changing a pillowcase? My goodness! (I hope you are getting an epideral!) It does take a bit of work to get the case back on, but doesn’t take more that one person or a few minutes. As far as the scratchiness goes, it’s not like having chanielle or fleece against your face but it’s not sand paper, either (think cheap sheets/pillowcases with low thread count…no big deal!). I can’t recommend this pillow enough (can you tell?!) and I will be using it long after the birth of my child! Read more reviews

Great product for you pregnant women

Because I am a thoughtful, awesome husband, I purchased this as a gift for my pregnant wife in the hopes of a fun sex-reward payoff. No, I’m kidding (but really I’m not). While I won’t tell you what I received in return, I will offer a review of this product:

First off, you probably already realize this, but this is an expensive pillow. It was hard to justify whether a pillow & spare case was worth the $$, but can you really put a price tag on a good night sleep? (Side note – Guys, I don’t know about you, but if she sleeps well, I sleep well) Having said this, I still believe it’s overpriced, but I’ve wasted more money on less. Get over it.

Second, my wife loves this pillow. She is about to begin her third trimester and sleep has been an issue since ~week 17. This pillow comfortably cradles all her changing lady parts and offers a wide variety of configurations depending on her needs. While she mainly uses it for sleep, we both agree it will work perfectly during breastfeeding and I know she will bring it to the hospital for delivery. An insert in the packaging offers many other ideas for alternative uses.

Third, changing the case is a legitimate pain in the ass. My wife refuses to deal with it, so I am left with the duty because I’ve learned not to argue with a pregnant woman. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it pisses her off, but it still sucks. They should make a case with a zipper and be done with it. (For what it’s worth, the reasons I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of ridiculous price and the case)

Fourth, I’m already envisioning some unique “extracurricular” uses for this pillow, but we haven’t tried anything yet. I’d say I’d keep you posted, but that would be a lie. Use your imagination, you pervert.

In summary, this is a decent buy. Trust me, because I rarely waste this much time writing a review. If you’re a guy reading this, sack up and do something nice for your girl. She’s taking a serious one for the team right now – you owe it to her.  Read more reviews

This is the best gift I think I’ve ever received!

I’m currently expecting twins, and after a month of getting hardly any sleep, I unwrapped this gift on Xmas morning. Since then, every night has been one of GREAT SLEEP! I love it because I can get it all the way around my body. If the weight of my midsection is uncomfortable, I can take the part of the Snoogle that comes up between my legs and use the end of it to bolster my midsection. This really helps prevent ligament pulling. I can easily sleep on my back with the pillow under my neck and the bottom of it under my legs.

I find that by 5 p.m. I can use it in bed and relax and recline there for hours without ever getting sore from being in one position too long.

I’ve had to go on two business trips, and its easy to put in a large garbage bag and carry into the hotel, so I can get a good night of sleep on the road as well.

The only complaint comes from my husband. He says that he can’t cuddle with me because there is so much pillow in the way. In order to try and accommodate him, I moved the open part from my side of the bed to the middle of the bed. It worked well all night, but when I needed to get up in the early AM to go to the bathroom, my husband had to roll me over the long side of it. Having done this with me once, we realized that it was better to have the opening part toward my side of the bed and not between the two of us.

The price shouldn’t discourage you, if you think $50 is too high a price. When you’re pregnant and uncomfortable at night, no cost is too high for a good night of sleep!

UPDATE – I’ve been using this pillow now for 4 months to assist me in nursing the twins. I have a boppy pillow, but find that the snoogle works better for nursing! Read more reviews

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