Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System – The Perfect System to Build and Tone Lean Muscle Mass

Ironmaster Quick Lock
Ironmaster Quick Lock

Are you a fitness buff?  Or, are you a new mom who needs to tone up and trim down after the birth of your baby?  Or, are you an overweight person who needs to get into better physical shape and develop some better lifestyle habits to get or remain healthy?  Or…are you just the average man or woman who just wants to look and feel better?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps, you need to take a closer look at the Ironmaster 75 lb quick lock adjustable dumbbell system.  Come on – let’s take a walk through the product features and specifications to get a better idea just what this system can do for you.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Quick lock design allows you to quickly vary the weight from 5 to 75 lb and do so in 2 ½ pound increments.
  • Solidly built with super heavy duty construction that uses welded steel and chrome plated handles.
  • Extremely efficient design – the whole system needs less than two square feet of space.
  • The system comes with two dumbbells, each of which weighs 75 pounds, the rack and an exercise poster.
  • And, of course, like all Ironmaster products, there is a lifetime warranty on it.

Amazing Versatility

The Ironmaster 75 lb quick lock adjustable dumbbell system provides some amazing versatility.  It basically gives you thirty dumbbell pairs in the space required for one pair.  The adjustable dumbbells quick lock system allows you to quickly go from one weight range to another, enabling you to work different muscle sets or work more deeply into a muscle group in a smooth routine with minimal “rest” time.  By providing weight ranges from 5 to 75 pounds in 2.5 pound increments, you will be able to do the light toning as well as the heavier strength training moves that you need for a well rounded workout.

Solid and Secure

Not only does the adjustable dumbbells quick lock system allow for smooth and swift weight changes, it also locks the weights into place tightly, eliminating the rattling and jiggling that is ever present in other systems.  The knurled, chrome plated hand grips ensure a firm grip whether you’re holding a 5 pound dumbbell or a 75 pound one.  Another important feature worthy of mention is this:  these hand grips not only provide you a firm grip on the dumbbell, but it is also comfortable and doesn’t restrict the way you hold them in any way, unlike some of its competitors.

Compact Storage

For those of you who don’t have a special wing in your home or office designated for exercise and weight equipment, you will find that the rack that comes with the system is compact enough to fit anywhere in your home or office.   The full size, sturdily constructed rack or stand measures 14.5 inches wide, 26 inches high and 19 inches deep and will accommodate both 75 pound dumbbells easily.  The stand will also accommodate the 120 pound add-on kit that is sold separately.

Perfect Size

The dumbbells themselves are a perfect size for your workout needs whether your moves are double or single handed.  They measure 14.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches.  These two dumbbells will require much less space than the usual two to three dozen dumbbells that you’ll find in some systems.  And, the weights are durable, too.  No plastic or fragile parts to be found here, so if you happen to drop them — no worries.

Muscle Building and Toning Help Weight Loss

Did you know that building and toning your muscles will make your body burn more calories even while you sleep?  How cool is that!  For those of you who need to take off the pounds, whether for health concerns or just because you want to look better, this adjustable dumbbell system can help.  Building stronger muscles will help you in so many other ways, too.  Stronger muscles will help you lift and carry things more safely; blood pressure numbers usually go down when you exercise as can the numbers on your body weight scales and the exercises involved in muscle building and toning can aid in reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes for an improved overall health picture.

So, go ahead and plan your workout.  Decide if you want to just tone up or if you need to build up or both.  If your concern is weight loss, just remember that it is a proven fact that muscle burns more calories than other tissue.  Building and toning your muscles will help lose weight while you adjust your caloric intake.

Flexibility in a Compact Space

So much versatility and flexibility in a compact space means there is no reason why everyone can’t have an Ironmaster 75 lb quick lock adjustable dumbbell system in their own home.  Don’t you think its time to get rid of those jiggling upper arms, or that protruding midriff, or that sagging belly?   Don’t you think its time to stand in front of your bedroom mirror and be proud of what you see?  Don’t you think its time for the well-defined, toned muscle look that you see on others?  Well then….what are you waiting for?

Where Can I Buy the Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System ?

You can buy this Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System form Amazon.  Amazon do currently have the best deal. Click here to view on Amazon.

Awesome Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon customers who have purchased the Ironmaster 75 lb quick lock system are singing its praises.  They site the durable construction, ease of weight changes, compact size and the unlimited flexibility of the system as reasons for the 4.9 star rating.  Some Amazon customers even dare to compare the Ironmaster system to one of its biggest competitors, PowerBlocks, and even further dare to itemize the pros and cons of each.  WOW! What a comparison they make!  Some of the comparison comments reflect the sturdiness of the weights, bench and accessories, no rattling or vibrating of the weights once installed on the dumbbell, ease and speed with which weight changes can be made and the secure, comfortable feel of the dumbbell in your hands. Here are some reviews:

“Best dumbbells on the market!”

I don’t normally write reviews but I am so happy with this purchase, I just had to!!

I had been looking for a good set of adjustable dumbbells for a few weeks. Locally in Vancouver, the only ones I could find were Bowflex Selecttechs and Powerblocks. After trying out both at a local store, I wasn’t satisfied. You should do your own research but what I will say is – my conclusion is that Powerblocks were designed by a 5yr old and Selettechs were made out of that 5yr olds lego set!

I am currently only using 30lbs for each dumbbell, so either the 552’s ($450 with stand) or the stage 1 powerblocks ($500 with stand) would have been enough for me but it just didn’t feel right to spend so much money on either. By luck I happened to stumble across the Ironmasters on the web. I started looking at reviews and was amazed by the great things people had to say. After a little bit more research I decided I definitely wanted the Ironmasters.

These are traditional dumbbells. They feel perfect. The handles and the screws are made of solid steel. The plates are made of Iron. The stand is steel. Yes it’s not as fast to change the weights on the these compared to the other 2 but it’s a hell of a lot faster than my old spinlocks and I have absolutely no worries about anything breaking. When you’re spending this much money, you really should get something that’ll last forever. The bowflex may be quicker to change but the demos I tried in the store were very tricky coz the damn dials wouldn’t budge. In front of my eyes the store actually replaced one of the 1090s as the display one had broken!! Anyways, back to the Ironmasters. They take up very little space compared to the Bowflex stand with dumbbells. The handles alone weigh 5lbs, the screws weigh 2.5lbs each and you get (4) 2.5lb plates and (24) 5lb plates. Basically you can adjust these from 5lbs to 75lbs each in 2.5lb increments. I also picked up 2 kettlebell handles and 2 additional screws. The kettlebell handles weigh 22.5lbs and the beauty is that they use the same screws and plates from the dumbbells. These are adjustable for 22.5lbs to 57.5lbs in 2.5lb increments. (The addional screws I purchased were more a want than a need).

In the end, as I had to import this set, I paid quite a bit more than what I would have if I had gone with the others, (I paid exactly $1028 CDN) but I also got alot more. I now have 2 sets of dumbells, and 2 kettlebells with more than enough plates (weights). I doubt I ever need any more weight but if you’re a beast and do need more weight you can also buy the 120lb add on kit. This will come with 4 22.5lb plates and 4 larger locking screws. This will then allow you to to max out your dumbells at 120lbs and the Kettlebells at 80lbs. If you even outgrow those there’s even a custom 160lb set for the dumbbells!! You also get a lifetime warranty (Which I guess is only offered becasue there’s no way anything is breaking!)and as someone else already mentioned, you can use these plates with standard barbells too! For most people on this site who are in the States, these are actually cheaper for you so this should be a no brainer!! Read More Reviews

First pair of adjustable dumbbells”

This is my first pair of adjustable dumbbells and I’m extremely happy with everything I bought. The items came quickly and in perfect condition. The plates do not move, clank or shift and while the method of changing weights takes a little getting used to…I found I’m getting quicker at it and it’s easy to do. My reasons for buying these over powerblocks and the bowflex dumbbells were:

1. Price and value. I felt for the price and value I’m getting A LOT more for my money. I got the upgrade to 120lbs each arm for a total of $689 before shipping and that’s actually less money than buying the other brands when you consider everything. PLUS you get the stand. With the other companies you have to buy the stand separately. According to their websites…Powerblocks for 90 lbs are about $600 and so is the 1090 model bowflex dumb bells. The price and value for the money was a no-brainer for me.

2. While I didn’t feel the ironmaster’s in my hand, I have felt the powerblocks and they felt awkward and I didn’t like the feel of my hands inside the block. The bowflex’s 90 lb-ers was also awkward because they seemed too long. When I got my ironmasters the other day they felt like the regular octagons in the gym. Not at all awkward.

3. The lifetime warranty that comes with the dumb bells. Powerblocks, from the website, says depending on which model you get it’s either 10 ,15 or lifetime. Bowflex’s is only a 2-year limited warranty on all parts, 5-year warranty on weight plates and 1-year warranty on labor.

4. Durability….you can drop the ironmaster dumbbells. I have heard you cannot drop the bowflex’s or you will break them. I believe you can drop the powerblocks and they will be alright.

5. The additions of bars, kettlebells, and ironmaster’s IM2000 self spotting system. The plates all fit with these additions. Powerblocks have the kettlebell, but that’s it.

6. The reviews on Amazon also helped me decide.

I am not trying to win a circuit training race and I give it all I got every set so I need a few seconds between sets anyway so the time it takes to change out the plates…win and IF I need to…doesn’t bother me. I’d rather save a couple hundred bucks over a few insignificant seconds any day. For me…the decision was a no-brainer. The quality is outstanding. You cannot go wrong with these dumb bells and you will pocket a few bucks in the process. If you do not like the product they will give you a full refund, including shipping. Whether that means they also pay for you to ship them back, I don’t know…but before buying all you have to do is make a simple phone call. Also…if you are the type who doesn’t need any rest between sets while changing weight then these are probably not for you. You should not deduct any points from ironmaster if you fail to call or research first before buying. Read More Reviews

Ironmaster Vs. Powerblock from someone who owns BOTH

After years of collecting the old standard hex dumbells, and trying to maintain a home gym in the city in various apartments (usually in the common basement) I found the PowerBlock dumbells. For someone without a dedicated room (with lots of space) for their workout equipment, these are fantastic dumbells. They go up to 85 or 90lbs without the add-on kit, and they are super fast and easy to change the weight. They are pricey, but considering the amount of dumbells they replace, well worth it, for the right user.

After using the PowerBlock setup for a couple years I came across IronMaster, another brand with adjustable dumbells. They go to 75lbs without the add-on kit, and cost a little less than the PowerBlock dumbells. I have BOTH in my home gym now, and I will go over the pros and cons of each for those of you trying to decide on a set up like this.


Pros: Well made, comfortable grip, fast and easy to change the weight in 10lb increments, nice stand included, made in USA, ability to go up to 85-90lbs as is, and 120lbs with add-on. Excellent for exercises where you change weight quickly or frequently. Square dumbells don’t roll.

Cons: Funky design with 4 pillars around your hand/wrist. It works, but it makes me nervous at higher weights that if I were to drop them I could somehow catch my wrist in there and hurt myself. Difficult to quickly switch weights in increments smaller than 10lbs. This is a problem for many exercises. Although they are sturdy, and have never given out on me, they rattle and the plates move a little when you use them. Again, they seem sturdy but when doing shoulder or bench press it’s a little disconcerting. You need to make sure the magnetic pins are fully inserted and in the right spot or disaster could ensue. The dumbells get long when using a lot of weight which can be somewhat awkward for certain exercises.

Overall: These dumbells are best for exercises where you change the weight frequently, or quickly, and work best for non-press exercises in my experience. The add-on kit is a nice option, but the dumbells are already pretty long at 85-90lbs, so it may be impractical for a lot of exercises. They were the first of their kind, they are still a serious contender in this ring.


Pros: Well Made. More traditional looking & feeling dumbells. Up to 75lbs as is, and 125lbs with kit. Not as long as PowerBlocks, no awkward pillars to stick your hand in between. Nice stand included. Great bench and other accessories available (better than PowerBlock bench after using both). No rattling or moving of plates when in use. Sturdy and well balanced and made in USA. Excellent for press exercises. Just as quick to change the weight in 2.5lb or 5lb increments as it is by 10lbs or more.

Cons: Takes significantly longer to change the weight than PowerBlocks. For press exercises I find this to be less of an issue, but for curls and other quick change exercises it’s a bit of a pain. No locking mechanism for the screw in pins. This has never been an issue, or caused a dumbell to fall apart during use, but there’s no locking mechanism (or magnet such as PowerBlocks) just friction preventing the pin from unscrewing. I’m not too worried about it, but it has crossed my mind.

Overall: These dumbells are best for users who use higher weights for press exercises and want the traditional look and feel of a dumbell you might find in the gym. They don’t rattle or move, and are very solid. They also go higher in weight than the PowerBlocks with the add-on kit, and cost less. Not as good for users using ligher weight and requiring quick changes.

Conclusion: For me, having both pairs is a pretty good set up, but If I were to choose just one, I would stick with the IronMaster. I like them for their sturdiness and lack of rattling especially when using heavy weight. In addition to the IronMaster, I would buy a cheaper set of adjustable dumbells with a lower maximum weight (50lbs maybe) that could be easily adjusted in 5lb (or smaller) increments to use for curls and kickbacks etc…and stick with the IronMaster for the heavier weights, where I really don’t mind the extra minute of rest to change the weight! In fact, I think I will sell my PowerBlocks and get a set up like this, and have some money left over for Muscle Milk! :) Read More Reviews

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